Roy launching in his Boom Sport

Roy launching in his Boom Sport at Horse Canyon, outside San Diego

San Diego Paragliding is Southern California’s premier source of private paragliding lessons, group paragliding instruction, guided tours, and paraglider-pilot certification.

We train our pilots to safely handle not only relatively smooth-and-predictable coastal conditions, but also somewhat-less-predictable mountain conditions using multiple flying sites throughout the San Diego area.
We also offer tandem paragliding rides to acquaint those less familiar with the sport. Occasionally we take students or certified pilots on tours in the Southern California area, especially pilots here on vacation wanting to experience Southern California mountain-paragliding sites.
We work hard to maintain a perfect safety record. Our objective is not only to get students paragliding quickly, as is true at any school, but to promote a thorough understanding of the sport so that our graduates are safe, confident, and long-lived pilots. We provide instruction at a variety of Southern California sites, believing that good pilots are pilots skilled in handling the wide variety of mother nature’s conditions.
We also sell gear, and meet or beat others’ prices.  We recommend that new pilots purchase their own equipment so that they have it available for their own practice between lessons, and because new gear does not have problems such as low porosity or low tear strength as might be found in older wings or wings of uncertain progeny. See post about old wings.